In 1998 our founder, Adv. Israel Shalev, understood that providing clients with the most professional and personalized service required leaving his senior position at another leading law firm and opening a boutique practice, encompassing unique expertise in complex disputes, both locally and internationally. Adv. Shalev assembled a team of top commercial litigation lawyers which rapidly established an enviable reputation.

Adv. Shalev was among the first to recognize that mega-firms cannot offer the creative solutions and personal relations their clients have come to expect. In fact, he is considered a pioneer in the movement toward boutique practices.

In the early 2000s the firm decided to expand its professional specialties. This was the logical next step as the firm acquired greater experience and knowledge in business and commerce thanks to the interface between litigation and the world of business and commerce brought about by client demand.

Today, in addition to serving as one of the leading Israeli law firms in its field, and together with litigation, we have acquired extensive experience in banking and financing, real estate and urban renewal and in assisting companies with their legal, commerce and corporate issues.

The joint efforts of a dynamic team of lawyers form an organic whole whose sum is greater than its parts.

The firm’s size, thoroughness, creativity and vast experience give it unique qualitative advantages that lend it prominence within the legal landscape, where keen observation and meticulous attention to detail are required. 

“Our profound knowledge of the world of commerce and business is a critical tool that helps shed light on any legal and commercial issue, no matter how complex, while our customized legal services ensure a thorough and individualized response to our clients’ needs.” We are committed to our clients’ success and believe in thorough treatment and personal relations customized to the needs of each individual client.”

The firm thus represents a significant number of the largest and best-known Israeli companies


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